Thursday, July 25, 2013

BLING IT ON: J.Crew Jewelry Event and Other Insider Tips

As a simple, Midwestern girl I would have never thought twice about seeking the assistance of a Very Personal Stylist (VPS) at J.Crew -- or any other luxury service for that matter.  But being on "the inside" of retail (i.e., Corporate America), I understand how desperate companies are to offer promotions, discounts, points, free miles, etc. in exchange for your loyalty.

An appointment with a VPS at J.Crew is absolutely free with no commitment from the shopper... no minimums, fees, etc.  In fact, you could have spent nothing at J.Crew in the past, but by simply expressing interest in meeting a VPS, you will be invited to shop exclusive sales, promotions, etc.

Moral of the Story: fashion-forward teachers must be on the lookout for great opportunities to build your wardrobe on a budget. Best way to do that is give your email address to receive special offers from your favorite retailers, ask if stores have a Teacher Discount (J.Crew definitely does!) and sign up for free services such as a VPS.  When you do, you will be invited to things like this:

Bling It On at J.Crew Georgetown: 20% Off our Jewelry Collection

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Blog?

School Auction: Raquel Dress; Necklace
It took me a while to get it.  Like the rest of my kind, I went through the five phases of a first year teacher: anticipation (boy was I excited!); survival (read: "first-year fifteen" and frumpy outfits); disillusionment (applied for jobs mid-year as far away from teaching as I could get); rejuvenation (Praise the Lord for winter break!); and reflection.  I would like to believe there was another phase that snuck in there as well: confession.  Once I started sharing some of the embarrassing, outrageous and hilarious moments that were happening in my classroom, I actually started enjoying my job! And when you love doing something, you want to become better.  

Just as soon as I started truly loving my job and finding my way through the curriculum, something happened: summer break.  I decided to use this time wisely by working for my favorite retailer so I could build my teacher wardrobe and return next fall looking as good as I felt teaching.  No sooner did school start that I became a Very Personal Stylist for J.Crew -- another gig too great to give up!

Since becoming more secure with my teaching, professional wardrobe and moments in the classroom that do not go as planned... I have decided to share with the world.  For my fellow teachers: I hope you find lesson ideas you can use in your classrooms. For non-teachers:  I hope you can laugh out loud in your cubicles. And first year teachers: I hope you find a little direction and learn how to find humor in the most challenging year of your career.